The Eiton Cave (アントン洞窟 Anton Doukutsu) lies at the end of Eiton Mountain Path northeast of Brizahc. Its entrance is locked by porticulis which can be opened using the lattice door key. Upon entering, there is a bridge crossing over a gap with a sign on the far wall warning explorers of monsters ahead. The cave also contains swampy areas where the Crimson Fires grow.



Avin and his friends unlock the gate with the lattice key and enter Eiton Cave where they seek to collect the Crimson Fires. Finding the last Crimson Fire at the end of the cave, they prepare to return to Brizahc. As they walk back through the cave, the ground trembles with Rutice stating it's another earthquake. They continue to run towards the exit but Rutice gets trapped by a cave-in. Sage Gawaine recommends using the Crimson Fire to blow up the rocks. Avin does so and frees Rutice. The party runs through the exit before the cave collapses.

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