Kanji エレノア
Rōmaji Erenoa
Physical Information
Age 26 (Tear of Vermillion)
33 (Song of the Ocean)
82 (Moonlight Witch)
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon Mace/Spirit Magic
Occupation Professor
Religion N/A
Game Appearances The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion

Elenoa (エレノア Erenoa) is a character in The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion. She lives and teaches in the Sorcery School.


Elenoa cares a lot for her students, especially Rael. She is very protective of Rael when it comes to his black magic and doesn't allow him to use powerful spells due to his lack of control.

She is also a talented mage herself.  She is one of the few who can use Spirit Magic, has an extensive knowledge about various types of magic, and is able to decipher the ancient language. She is able to call on the Water Spirit, Undine. For melee combat, she is able to use the Mace.


Elenoa is first encountered after Avin and Mile had a conversation with Rael in the town of Guia. She is chasing after Rael because he is skipping class and wants to convince him to go back to the school. Despite her efforts, she is unable to catch him and returns to the Sorcery School. She is encountered once again in the Sorcery School, but Fatima and the Syamseal Gang were about to kidnap her due to her special ability to decipher the ancient language. Avin and Mile were able to prevent this from happening and chased them out of the Sorcery School. They ask Elenoa to travel with them to Koruna Village because they found the Book of Life and Rael needs assistance in deciphering it.

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