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Elger Arm and Guards is the first weapons shop that the player will reach in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and it contains the basic items and accessories there. Joshua himself used to work at the shop part-time until he finally completed the test to become a Junior Bracer along with Estelle. The shop itself holds basic armor and weapons for the characters along with a few accessories for later. It is located in the City of Rolent nearby the Bracer Guild and the entrance to the south.


Item Name Product Type Price Character(s) Effect
Pile Rod Weapon 600 Mira Estelle STR+7/RNG+1
Kunal Weapon 800 Mira Joshua STR+7
Leather Vest Armor 100 Mira Everyone DEF+5
Armor Vest Armor 800 Mira Everyone DEF+10/ADF+2
Leather Boots Shoes 200 Mira Everyone DEF+2
Spikes Shoes 800 Mira Everyone DEF+5
Silver Earring Accessory 200 Mira Everyone Prevents Poison
White Bracelet Accessory 200 Mira Everyone Prevents Blind
Black Bangle Accessory 500 Mira Everyone Prevents Sleep


Elger - The owner of the shop and he used to train Joshua in the arts of blacksmithing.

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