Elias OVA
Kanji ライアス
Rōmaji Rias
Alias Rias (OVA)
Physical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color Grey (OVA)
Weapon Sword
Relatives Aryn (older brother)
Sonia (niece)
Affiliation Farlalyne Kingdom
Occupation Knight, Mentor
Game Appearances Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes
Others Dragon Slayer (OVA)
Seiyūu Kouhei Miyauchi (PC Engine ver.)

Elias (ライアス Rias) is Logan's mentor and foster guardian in Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes.

Character Profile

In both the game and OVA, Elias served as the royal guard to King Corwin I. After the monster invasion, Elias retreated to the Town of Exile with the 6-year old Logan being entrusted for his safety and the kingdom's future. Despite Logan's teenage adolescence, Elias continued training and educating the young prince till his 16th birthday, until the town was invaded by monsters just like the kingdom. With Logan's training incomplete, Elias hoped how much he taught was sufficient enough as he sacrificed himself for the Prince to escape.


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