The Sacred Sword Elucion (神剣エリュシオン Shinken Eryushion) is the sacred sword forged by combining the body parts of the god Bardus with the rare metal sword. It is one of the sacred artifacts in The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion. After loosing the power of Bardus, The sword is renamed Espelancer by Mitchell. The sword bears an inscription which reads:
"a shattered piece of Bardus will dwell within a sword that is harder than steel and lighter than a feather. And it will become a streak of light that will drive away great darkness. It will be called Sacred Sword Elucion. The one who obtains this sword will put an end to the long-lasting trifle between light and darkness with exquisite glitter. And the people will see the season of leaving the next come around."

The sword is used to bring down the barrier at Cathedral and is forged by the spirit Zar when Avin and company reached him at his shrine below the cemetary south of Kanaphia. The six body parts are:

  • Kabessa = the god's head that enshrines eternal wisdom
  • Kuerupo = the Stout god's torso
  • Delleboura = the Brave god's right arm
  • Isboura = the god's left arm which cultivates the earth and the people
  • Dellepied = the quick right foot of the god
  • Ispied = the silent left foot of the god.


  • "Elucion" means "Paradise of the Gods".
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