Equestrianism tocs

Horseback Riding in the Nord Highlands in ToCS

Equestrianism is an on-field transportation gameplay introduced in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. It is just faster movement by horseback riding using the new camera view.

In Trails of Cold Steel, horse-riding is only limited within the Nord Highlands.

In Trails of Cold Steel II, it can be done anywhere after recruiting Paula while being optional with the Orbal Motorcycle, and is also once again available throughout most of the Nord Highlands segment.

Certain characters such as Rean Schwarzer, Jusis Albarea and Gaius Worzel are capable of steering the others. Certain others will ride behind one of the other characters when in the active party.


  • This is to probably cite the Equestrian Club where Jusis Albarea joins, for reflecting noble traditions.
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