Escort Request
Kanji 護衛の依頼
Rōmaji Goei no Irai
Quest Type Hidden
Quest Description
I am searching for someone who can escort me to the Krone Pass checkpoint.

Please see me at the Frieden Hotel ASAP.
Difficulty High
Client Hardt
Points Earned 4 (+1)
Reward(s) 1000 Mira
Acquisition After speaking with Nial in the Kirsche Bar during the Missing Airliner story quest.
Expires After entering the Abandoned Mine during the Missing Airliner story quest.
Main Location Krone Pass
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Chapter 1

Escort Request is a hidden quest for Chapter 1 in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

Speak with Hardt in the Frieden Hotel, then meet up with him at the west exit. Travel along Krone Trail 1st Map to a wooden suspension bridge where the party is ambushed, for a battle. Continue to Krone Pass, meet with Melvin to complete the quest.

  • BONUS GUIDE: When the party gets ambushed on the suspension bridge in the Krone Trail 1st Map], choose the following choice:
    • (+1) [Charge through the front!]


Notebook Entry

  • We just need to escort him to the Krone Pass Checkpoint.
  • We're set to rendezvous with our client at Bose's west entrance.
  • The Krone Pass is located at the end of the West Bose Highway.
  • We were attacked by monsters! Fortunately, they were no match for us.
  • Switched off with another escort at the Checkpoint. All's well that ends well!
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