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Estelle is a well-rounded fighter with decent stats including ATS. She can fill any role in the party, being a primary physical attacker, primary caster, support, tank or all of these at the same time.

In SC all her upgraded crafts have a very low time cost, almost the same as using an item / move and Estelle using them becomes the fastest character in the game.


Her average stats are somewhat compensated for by the fact that she likely is a higher level than other characters due to being a required party member for much of the game.

Later in Zero no Kiseki, she becomes a playable character in the final dungeon and starts at level 38. She has learned her father's S-Craft "Ougi - Houou Reppa"(Phoenix Destroyer), in which she takes the form of a phoenix that explodes on contact to a group of enemies and deals severe damage to them. She also has a Combination Craft with Joshua called "Ougi - Taikyouku Bukouken", which heavily damages several enemies.


Regarding her quartz slot she is a magic user without any elemental quartz restrictions. However in FC she has two orbal lines, one with four quartz and one with two. This gives her considerably less EP than the other magic oriented characters such as Kloe and Olivier. Because of this, Estelle is mostly used as support magic user with many different quartz equipped on her to give her a wide range of orbal arts at her disposal.

In SC her new orbal lines consists of two lines with both having four slots. Again, she does not have any elemental quartz restrictions which makes her a flexible character that can take any role. This is especially important when choosing whether to go with Schera or Agate in the Chapter 1. In order to balance the team well, Estelle may need to be calibrated to compliment the character she gets paired with.

Crafts & S-Crafts

Estelle's usage of the bo-staff represents her style of balanced offense and defense in in the center.

Name Description CP Cost Level
A shout to encourage allies. (Area - M, STR+20%) 20 Default
Temporarily focuses enemy attention on self. (Area - M, Rage) 20 4
Spins and strikes enemies in the area. (Area - M) 30 8
Launch a ballistic wave of energy. (Line, Penetrate) 20 18 (dub version)
19 (JP version)
Hard Break
Hits an enemy's weak spot, blocks arts and crafts
(Area - M, Impede)
20 27
S-Crafts Description CP Cost Level
Beats an enemy senseless with a series of attacks. 100+ Default
An extended, more powerful version of Pummel. 100+ 24
Wheel of Time


Ultimate smash technique using centrifugal energy. 100+ 81


Trails in the Sky (+EVO)

Name Effect Price Obtained Location

Trails in the Sky SC (+EVO)

Name Effect Price Obtained Location

Trails in the Sky the 3rd (+EVO)

Name Effect Price Obtained Location

Zero no Kiseki (+EVO)

Name Effect Price Obtained Location
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