Estelle was born in rural Rolent as the biological daughter of Cassius Bright and Rena Bright on 8-7-1186. When Estelle was 6, her mother was killed in the bombing of Rolent during the Hundred Days War, as she protected her in Rolent's clock tower. It was this traumatizing event that inspired Estelle to chose the path of a Bracer, to behold her mother's bravery and courageous like her mother.

Five years before the events of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, when Estelle was 11, her father came home late with a wounded boy in his hands. The boy spoke nothing of his past, and Estelle and Cassius decide to adopt him.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

In present time, Estelle and Joshua were tutored by Scherazard Harvey and her father to becoming Bracers. Their initiation test is to search the Rolent Sewers and bring back the contents of a chest. The two succeed, and take various other tests about learning the tools of the trade (also effectively providing a tutorial for the player). Once they become Junior Bracers, Aina Holden reveals that two local boys went into the dangerous Esmelas Tower, and Joshua and Estelle move to rescue them. Once they do, Cassius intervenes, saving the four children.

Estelle is less than satisfied that she needed her father's help for the mission, but Joshua cheers her up. Later that night, Cassius reveals that must leave for some business in the Erebonian Empire, and when he leaves, Estelle and Joshua will take over the jobs he left for them in his absence.

The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki

  • Estelle and Joshua make a first appearance by saving Lloyd's team in Crossbell during a bus accident. They also confront Lloyd-Randy and Wazy-Wald in the Old town Race.
  • After Estelle and Joshua appeared, they can be met in certain places where they are by checking the Bulletin Board at Crossbell's Bracer Guild.
  • The two bracers join in for the final dungeon as playable characters and take back Renne with them to Liberl Kingdom.

The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki

Estelle, Joshua, and Renne reappear in the Crossbell State per Kevin's request to help fighting one of three Aion robots that guard Crossbell City from the intruders. They finally succeed to destroy the Aion robot because Pater-Mater self-destructs itself on its own wish to protect Renne. After the loss of Pater-Mater, they can be met once again along with Rozenberg at Inn in Mainz Town. Estelle greets Lloyd and co and tells them that Renne is exhausted and is sleeping after crying so bad over the loss of Pater-Mater, but Estelle believes that Renne will be alright and can get through it because she had been changing a lot for the past six months spending the time with the Brights.

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