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[[File:|left|20px]]Eternal Ruination[[File:|right|20px]]
Kanji ラストレスルーイン
Rōmaji Rasutoresu Rūin
Craft Statistics
Base Damage
Range Type
Power Rank
Game Designation
User Rufus Albarea
Game(s) Trails of Cold Steel II
Show your strength. Begin! Hah... huh! shuh! gya! wih! Divine lightning!
—Rufus's S-Craft announement

Eternal Ruination (Rustless Ruin) (ラストレスルーイン Rasutoresu Rūin) is Rufus Albarea's signature S-Craft in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.


Rufus gathers a magical force in his free left hand to hurl it outwards, trapping his targets in a magical emerald orb sphere. Then by grasping that left hand that swirls with much focus, causes a dark impulse within the sphere to plunge it downwards. Then Rufus unleashes three separate slash strikes from his blade, hurling massive size jet forces that impact the sphere. Then grasping the left hand in charging emerald color electricity, emerald lightning strikes from all sides to cause it to almost break in half, but then shatters into triangle pieces all before it brightly flashes out of existence. This causes a massive blow of damage enough to knock one’s HP down to zero.

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