Falcom Special Box 97 Cover
Cover Information
Catalog # KICA-9029~31
Release Date December 21, 1996
Price 7,400 Yen
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement, Drama
Published by Falcom
Media Format
Composed by Sound Team jdk
Arranged by Akira Odakura, Akira Nishizawa, Musy
Performed by Midori Kawana
Kikuko Inoue
Megumi Ogata
Mariko Kouda
Junko Iwao
Jurota Kosugi
Masako Katsuki
Sho Saito
Hideyuki Umezu
Mitsuru Ogata
Akimitsu Takase
Koichi Nagano
Masayuki Kumagai
Akira Odakura
Packer N.
Akira Nishizawa
Lyrics by Midori Kawana, Kanako Harayama, Fumie Nakazawa
Total Length 41:09 mins (Disc 1)
62:45 mins (Disc 2)
26:13 mins (Disc 3)

FALCOM SPECIAL BOX '97 is a compilation album of arranged music and drama tracks published by Falcom during the year 1996. It was released on December 21, 1996.

Each CD contains a separate album. Disc 1 is CD Drama: Legend of Heroes III VS. Brandish + VT, Disc 2 being Music From Brandish VT MIDI Version, and Disc 3 for Midori Kawana Sings Ys.


  1. Chapter 1 - The Tower of God
  2. Chapter 2 - The Summoning
  3. Chapter 3 - Conclusion

  1. Chance Meeting -overture-
  2. Ancient Praying -meditation-
  3. Prologue -blue moon-
  4. Ruins -the prop-
  5. Shop -relations-
  6. Labyrinth -roar-
  7. Town District -division-
  8. Casino -eighth wonder-
  9. Game -hammer slime-
  10. Battleground -black field-
  11. Enigma Tower -mysterious-
  12. Ruins II -debris-
  13. Fight to the Death -trigger-
  14. Ruins III -deep haze-
  15. The Waters -the abyss-
  16. Garden -bramble-
  17. Summons -hostile-
  18. Fortress -solid steel-
  19. Sanctuary -judgement-
  20. The Restoration of Tower -retribution-
  21. Interior of the Womb -forbidden power-
  22. Duel -fatal riders-
  23. Temple -heritage-
  24. Forgotten Labyrinth -another door-
  25. Altar -altar-
  26. Gilias -victim-
  27. Epilogue I -daybreak-
  28. Epilogue II -twilight-
  29. Epilogue III -determination-
  30. Epilogue IV -broken chain-
  31. Triumphal Return -triumph-
  32. Rest -slumber-
  33. Game Over

  1. Victory!!
  2. Passionate Blue
  3. Song of an Angel
  4. Journey of a Transparent Heart...
  5. Bell of Angelus
  6. Shu'tima
  7. If I can be born again, I want to be born in this Country


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