Physical Information
Age N/A
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon Sword
Occupation Syamseal Gang
Religion Octum's Apostles
Game Appearances

Fatima is a character who appears in The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion. She is the ringleader of the infamous Syamseal Gang, and is searching for the Book of Life.


She has proven her strategic ability through deception and negotiation. She decieves the King's Army a number of times by feeding them false information about their whereabouts, allowing them to infiltrate important economic landmarks such as Gemstone Stope. When taking hostages, she seperates one additional hostage and keeps him/her closeby as insurance in the event that the other hostages are successfully released.


First seen in Tibri when General Diren attempts to buy time for Avin's party to sneak and rescue the villagers.  She is again seen in the Sorcery School, where she demands assistance from Elenoa on the Book of Life. They planned to kidnap her, but Avin and Mile managed to prevent this. Before being able to steal the Book of Life from Rael, someone working for Borgeid had already stolen it and warns Avin that Guia would be in great trouble if they didn't do act. Afterwards, she is seen once again, but this time in Balloa Port. She kidnaps Eimelle, but is thwarted, captured, and brought to the capital for questioning.

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