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The Field System is one of the general mechanics of the RPG infrastructure in the Legend of Heroes series. The player controls the direction of where the main character and his party is lead which is the variable factor of how well the game is perfectly cleared.

Maps and Shortcuts

The menu shortcut in Zero EVO

The major field elements in the Trails gameplay to navigate the player's direction around every town area, pathway and dungeon.

In the Cold Steel trilogy, all the events are highlighted.

Key Elements

  • Quests: One of the crucial parts in the gameplay for extra credit and rewards. The efficient plan is to make use of the shortcuts while scheduling along with the other quest, events and other plans.

Tocs - treasure chest blue icon.png

  • Treasure Chests that are located in fixed locations throughout the game. Comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes with fixed items. Some chests may even be booby-trapped, containing monsters as such.
  • Hidden Events: Exclusive only to the Trails gameplay.


  • In the PS3/VITA games, opening all the treasure chests per game will be awarded a trophy.


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