Fiends are address as mysterious spirits, they are different compared to Normal Monsters fought as they are not ordinary opponents. They are seen & fought within the Trails Of Cold Steel Universe and possible other games.

Fiends List:

These are the listed order of Fiends seen thus far when encountering such types.

Unit Lv. Rank Location Profile Games

Death Slugger

CS: 47 Normal CS Profile: A purgatorial tank that mows down sinners in its wake. Moves ceaselessly, firing its cannon with reckless abandon. CS
Shadow Spirit CS: 47 Normal CS Profile: An eerie spirit that lacks a solid body. Gives those who hear it nightmares, causing them to lose their sanity. CS
Wandering Armor CS: 47 Normal CS Profile: A suit of armor from the Middle Ages that gained the ability to move in a strange environment. Very sturdy. CS
Wandering Sword CS: 47 Normal CS Profile: A sword from the Middle Ages capable of fighting by itself. Can take the life of an intruder in a single blow. CS

CS: 49 Boss CS: Profile: An immortal king from ancient legends with authority over souls. Takes the souls of the innocent and devours them.

Zoro-Agruga CS: 41 Boss CS Profile: A dragon-like fiend from the Dark Ages made of bone. Sprays dark breath and has the power to shake space itself. CS


  • Fiends are mostly described as something 'Ghostly' & 'Undead' type of creatures of horrors.
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