Find the Shiny Rock
Kanji 光る石の探索
Rōmaji Hikaru Ishi no Tansaku
Quest Type Optional
Quest Description
I'd like someone to find my shiny rock. Please speak to me directly for details. I think I might have dropped it behind the Melders Orbal Factory
Difficulty Easy
Client Charles
Points Earned 2 BP
Reward(s) 30 Mira, Drill Meatball (x5)
Acquisition After Cassius leaves on the airship.
Expires After trekking through the Malga Mine
Main Location Rolent Sewers
Timeframe Long
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky, Prologue Chapter

Find the Shiny Rock is an optional quest available during the prologue of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Notebook Guide

Notebook Entries

  • Charles says he's looking for a shiny rock he dropped somewhere.
  • He says he dropped it outside Mr. Rinon's shop, but when he looked for it it there, he didn't find it.
  • Something shiny seems to have fallen through the sewer grate.
  • That means it's probably lying down in the sewers below.
  • The entrance to the sewers should be just behind the chapel.
  • Found a Quartz Fragment! It looks like this is the shiny thing we saw through the grate.
  • Returned the item to Charles.
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