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Fishing CS3 02
Fishing (釣り Tsuri) is one of the mini-activities done in the Trails Games. First introduced in Trails in the Sky as a mini-event (followed by the 3rd), the activity eventually became a recurring minigame for the rest of the Trails Games, and later evolved into an essential necessity for completing the Fish Journals through the upcoming continuity.

Rules to Play

  1. Continue through the correct rod/bait combination in your inventory to reel the right fish through trial and error.
  2. Discovering the nearest fishing spot within the games' accessible locations (limited per chapter)
  3. Throw in the line, wait after a short period before an (!) appears indicating you caught a bite!
  4. Press the O "button" to reel it in.

See Also


  • Completing the Journals will be rewarded the Angler Lord (爆釣王) achievements and trophies in the PS3/VITA games.
  • Before the Cold Steel trilogy, some fish appear almost instantly after the casting animation finishes.
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