Kanji フォルト
Rōmaji Foruto
Physical Information
Age 7 (Tear of Vermillion)
14 (Song of the Ocean)
63 (Moonlight Witch)
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Dark Green
Hair Color Grey
Weapon Sword
Relatives McBain (grandfather)
Occupation Musician
Game Appearances The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean

Forte (フォルト) is the main protagonist in The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean. He is a fourteen year-old musician who comes from a rural village by the coasts.



A village boy from Racos Palma living inside of a wrecked ship that his father has changed into a house. Forte lives together with his parents and his grandfather McBain, and enjoys fishing, playing instruments, and playing with his childhood friend Una. After his parents ask him to, Forte decides to follow his grandfather on a journey to visit all the towns, villages and cities on the continent.


Forte fights using a sword and can equip heavy armor and shields for defense. He specializes in attacking up close with his sword, however he is not as effective with attack spells as McBain and Una are, so he will deal the most physical damage out of all the characters. As a way to make up for his less effective magical talents, he has the highest critical hit rate of the party. Forte's skills focus on increasing his physical stats and allows him to act as a tank with his high defense and HP should he need to take attention away from other more fragile characters like Una.


Skill Description
Attention Draws the enemy attention to become the target
Encouragement Encouragement to raise attack power.
Wholehearted A wholehearted performance raises the attack power with Resonance Spells.
Endurance Encouragement to allow slight recovery.
Rhythmical Rhythmical moves to raise the attack power and defense power.

Finishing Moves

Skill Description
Jump Rush A sword technique to lash the enemy while jumping.
Loud Rush A sword technique that is an improves and reinforced version of Jump Rush.


  • The only song he ever plays on the trumpet is "Sleepy Tad".
  • He always sleeps on his stomach.
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