This section will detail the item that is needed in order to complete the Ultimate Weapon quest.

1) - For starters, players will need to search Liberl for the volume series: Gambler Jack throughout Liberl.

2) - Once you've obtained all 14 -- Defeat the boss at the entrance and make your way to the 3rd floor of the Grancel guild. Talk to Baral and he will give you the Zemuria Ore. I know what your thinking... no, don't trade this item just yet. As you can also get a duplicate item on board the Liber Ark.

3) - Once you gain access to the Residential section, head to the western most building. Use the CPU and click on accept package, this will give you a Data Crystal Z. Then backtrack to the building where you got a Resurrect Jelly. When prompted, click on Data Crystal, this will give you a second Data Crystal.

4) - Once done, return to the Arseille and go to the Orbal factory room. Talk to Professor Russell, this will in turn give you the choice of two ultimate weapons. There's no right or wrong choice.

Note: When passing through the damaged Grancel castle town, be absolutely sure that you've obtained all 14. As when you pass through and defeat the enemy at the entrance and haven't obtained most of the Gambler Jack books -- the books up to this point will be unattainable.

The location of each book can be viewed below.

Location of each book   Place or person to talk to
Prologue: Le Locle's bracer guild After clearing Saint Croix forest, in the previously locked room
Ruan, Lavantar Casino & Bar 2nd floor casino, trade in 100 Medals for the book
On board the Cecilia Airliner First floor, talk to Olivier twice
Grancel (east block), Erebonian Embassy Library, left room. Talk to Nathan. You must have Mueller with you
Grancel (west block), Baral Coffee house Talk to Connor
Rolent, house next to Abend Bar Talk to Serra in her husband's private library
Krone Pass - Checkpoint Talk to Mikey, first room from Krone Pass
Ravennue Village Talk to Lewey who is playing with the rest of the children (left side of the inn)
Haken Gate Talk to Carlos. Remember, going to Valleria Lake's inn will lock out volumes 8 & 9.
Arseille, stern After completing Altered Space: Carnelia Tower. Talk to Antoine while Kloe is in your party
Jenis Academy After completing the event, talk to Purity in the Humanities classroom
Wolf Fort Talk to CWO Pace in the barracks
Abend Bar After saving the Miners and watching the wedding scene, talk to Serra. She's sitting near the bar
Bose Minuet's market. Yes, it's out of the way, but is needed in order to complete the volumes
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