Garden Hill (ガーデンヒル Gaaden Hiru), otherwise known as "the Garden of the Gods" is a large city high up on a mountain in the Grand Canyon, reached by hiking and going up several lifts. It is full of houses built on ruins with a waterway underneath. The ruins are kept in good condition due to the lack of rain. The water from here is used throughout the Spirit Forest. North of Garden Hill lies the Shrine of Idun.

The town holds a festival dedicated to the spirit of Idun similar to Phildin, but it is not as grand. Since this town is home to the Idun Shrine, their festival is the original one. The people of Garden Hill have been able to communicate with Idun through ascetics. They often call vistors "people from the lower world".


During Avin's visit, a mutated Idun spreads hazardous scales that surround the town with poisonous air. It is cured with the assistance of the Meefas. The Meefas' fragrance purifies the air and removes the scales.

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