Gemstone Stope (宝石採掘所 Houseki saikutsu-sho) is a mine to the southeast of Phildin, lying at the end of Jewel Road. It is a typical looking mine, with crates, carts and barrels scattered about.

Arriving at the entrance, the miners explain that there is a swarm of red shell monsters inside. Avin and the group find Muse within the mine, confronted by bandits. The group steps in to defend Muse and defeats the bandits. She explains that the bandits are members of the Syamseal Gang and that they attacked the mine because of its resources and that it is a major source of income for the country. Muse then decides she likes the group and accompanies them to take out the monsters in the mine. After defeating the monsters in the mine, it is explained to Muse that this was the final test given to them to get to Tibri Village.

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