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Gnosis (グノーシス Gunoshisu) is a mysterious amplification drug introduced in the Zero/Ao duology.



Part of the D∴G Cult's early experiments during the Dark Ages, as they believed Aidios limits humanity from reaching the higher plane. While it was never explained the process of creating the drug, it was a misconception they perfected the drug after experimenting on actual demons.

The symptoms after taking the drug include: sharpened concentration, reflexes, judgement, intuition, and high muscularity.[1] Being that heightened physical and mentality status were an illusion, the true outcome are shown through the following symptoms of "Demonification", if the dosage level was high.

For further perfection, they abducted children for human experimentation throughout Zemuria as sacrifices for their rituals. This event led to the D∴G Cult Extermination, an operation co-operated by all the high authorities in the continent.


  • The term refers to the term "Gnosticism", a collection of ancient religions whose followers shun the material world, which they viewed as created by the demiurge and embraced the spiritual world.


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