Goliath CS2

Goliath mass produce

Kanji ゴライアス
Rōmanji Goraiasu
Developed from Professor G. Schmidt
Designed From
Upgraded Into
Manufactured from Reinford Group (5th Division)
Affiliation Noble Alliance
Imperial Liberation Front
Known Captains
Known Crew
Pilot Noble Alliance soldiers
General Characteristics
Length Height
Average Speed
Armor Combined Chromium Steel
Armaments Gattling Cannons
Missile Launchers x2
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media

Combat Characteristics

Silver War Machine Theme Knight, of which unlike other knights is nearby double to triple in size of height, width, & length; making it gigantic. It’s head is apparently about slightly the same size as other Soldats, but slightly bigger with a hawk-like emerald visor with it’s  The shoulders have two disc stuck out, & while chest body is like other Soldat Units while having larger arms with wrist compartments, it’s lower region is split into four leg compartments with feet platforms connecting to a large cylinder base that have flight engines beneath it. The legs are shown with two in the front & two in the back for balancing such a large body. Attach is a black gatling machine gun cannon on the right shoulder & two missile launcher on the left shoulder. It’s appearance alone could say it’s a futuristic mechanical knight warmonger, of where even an average-size Soldat stands below the waist of this behemoth.

Variant Characteristics

VARIANT COLOR: A Dark Purple & Black style color version of Goliath, with a yellow visor & with only a cannon model on the right shoulder.


SKILLS: From it’s sheer size, it’s been model to be like the Hector Unit for raw power and defense, enough that even a single punch can damage a Drakkhen easily. It has the ability for distant air travel beneath the legs & the center base. Mounted on the right shoulder be either a gatling machine gun cannon. From it’s sheer size, it holds monstrous strength to crush targets in Soldat Units & Divine Knights with just the bare hands.

Weakness: A Massive-size Soldat like the Goliath seems harder to last out long, most likely because supporting a frame so huge would put a massive strain on the Orbal engine. If the engine blows up, it would take the whole Soldat with it.

-Rapid Fire: The shoulder gatling machine gun will fire off an onslaught of bullet shots to deliver some hefty damage amount. Performed by Vulcan. (CS II)

-Imperial Press: Goliath will reach out it’s right hand to grasp the target by their gut, then used the left hand to grip them in a lock. And then put in the pressure squeeze that causes some serious medium range of damage before dropping the target. Performed by Vulcan. (CS II)

-Destruction Flame: Using the Goliath’s left & right wrist to unleash a jet of flames from the left motion & then the right motion, but then the gatling gun cannon charges up to fire a massive crimson beam ray delivering a large surge of serious damage. Performed by Vulcan. (CS II)

-Cluster Cannon: Charges the cannon in a bright orange color before firing a blast shot to impact the target. Performed by a different pilot. (CS II)


  • The name "Goliath" is probably referred to the giant Philistine warrior slain by David.
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