Grace Lynn
Grace lynn ap-evo
Kanji グレイス・リン
Rōmaji Gureisu Rinn
True Name
Age 25(Ao/Zero/Akatsuki)
26(Cold Steel 2)
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Ocean Blue
Hair Color Gull Grey
Birthplace Crossbell City
Affiliation Crossbell Times
Occupation Reporter
Piloted Units
Main Game
Zero no Kiseki + EVO
Ao no Kiseki + EVO
Sen no Kiseki 2
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)

Grace Lynn (グレイス・リン Gureisu Rinn) is a reporter for the Crossbell Times in the Zero/Ao no Kiseki duology.


A young woman with gull grey short style hair, and ocean blue color eyes. She was a type of tan yellow woman’s style coat-dress with long sleeves, triangle shapes around the leg sides, and small front to back. Wear’s a dark tan green sweater inside the coat, light violet pants, light grey-brown boots with tan yellow toe marks and up to knee decoration blue jewels. Her accessory is silver goggles with ocean blue lens that she wears over on her forehead. When seen carrying a camera, she pretty much looks like some reporter for a newspaper article.


She’s got one of them personalities that a good reporter for a journalist group has when they are looking for the facts to get their story. She studies a situation of what goes on, the actions someone does, with the other facts she’s come across. She’s got one of them reporter instincts when something’s boggling her mind. But she’s got the GO-TUDE attitude when she’s ready to get a move on when a story’s involved. But she will also at times, feel some concern for what will come next that may effect folks’ lives. She may even state a phrase; the pen’s mightier than the sword, when she tries to do things on a reporter’s end when she can’t do much on a battlefield front when fighting is involved.

Character Profile


Her appearance and personality maybe a close reference with Irene Ellet from Valkyrie Chronicles.

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