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Grancel is the capital of the Liberl Kingdom.


The entire region is enclosed by the Ahnenburg Wall, a robust rampart that dates back to possibly earlier than the Hundred Days War. During the war, Erebonian forces laid siege to the capital city but are unable to break through. The defenses helped keep the region under Liberlian control for the remainder of the war.

Gurune Gate lies in the northern half of the wall while Sanktheim Gate is located at the southern half. These two gates are the only way in and out of Grancel on land.

The city is divided into four blocks- the southern block houses the Bracer Guild's Grancel branch, weapons store, orbment workshop, the Fisherman's Guild headquarters, and a café; the eastern block houses the city's department store, the History Museum, and the Calvard and Erebonian embassies; the western block is mostly residential, although it also houses the Liberl News office and leads to Grancel Harbor; finally, the northern block houses the hotel and leads to Grancel Castle.

Grancel Castle overlooks Valleria Lake. It houses the ruling Auslese family, with Queen Alicia II as the current ruler. Princess Klaudia, as of Trails in the Sky SC, is next in line to the throne. Beneath the castle is the Aureole Ruins, left behind by the mysterious Zemurian civilization. Access has been restricted since the failed coup d'etat.

The Royal Avenue is a circumferential road that connects the city and the two massive gates at the wall. The Erbe Scenic Route leads to the Erbe Royal Villa, the residence of the Royal Family.


During the Hundred Days War, Grancel was the only region not controlled by Erebonia due to its robust defenses. With the successful aerial counterattack at the Haken Gate, the Erebonian forces in Liberl were cut off, unable to break through the Ahnenburg Wall any further.

During the events of Trails in the Sky, Grancel Castle was placed on lockdown by the Intelligence Division, using security threats to seize de facto control. With the help of the Royal Guard and the Bracer Guild, the castle was liberated.

In Trails in the Sky SC, Grancel came under attack by Ouroboros forces led by four Enforcer agents. The defenders suffered heavy casualties under the overwhelming power of the Enforcers, enhanced jaegers, and archaisms. The Enforcers nearly succeeded in capturing Queen Alicia II and Princess Klaudia, but Lt. Col. Cid and Richard arrived just in time to intercept them. In the city, a battalion of special operations troops under Captain Almathea engaged the jaegers and archaisms terrorizing the city. Ouroboros forces withdrew from the capital, having failed to secure the objective.


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