The Grand Cathedral (大聖堂 Daiseitou) in Valkd is a massive complex and currently the center of the Bardus religion. The cathedral contains the chapel, a library with many books, an underground prison and many other rooms. Below the prison lies a secret chamber and passage into the west block of Valkd. Sage Gawaine is the advisor of the Bardus Church.


Avin awakens at the cathedral after being rescued by Gawaine. He is instructed by Oracle Kalion to go to downstairs to the chapel to meet with the sage. There, he meets with Gawaine and Supreme Priest Crior who he learns is the successor of Esperius. He is also told by Gawaine that Eimelle and Mile are not at the Grand Cathedral, only a girl with long black hair and Mile's Guardian Bell. With that, Gawaine informs him that Mile was most likely killed and Eimelle was mostly likely kidnapped by Octum's Apostles who attacked them. Avin breaks down and heads to the room where Rutice is resting. After talking to Rutice, he decides to leave the cathedral but the paladins guarding the entrance refuse to let him do so. He finds a flight of stairs leading down in a room and sneaks into the prison below.

While making his way through the prison, Avin sees Avarice in a cell being attacked by Madram. Avin runs into the cell and tries to convince Madram not to kill Avarice and then defends him. Avin explains to Madram that Eimelle was kidnapped by Octum's Apostles and that he cannot leave the cathedral to rescue her. Madram sheathes his sword and mentions he knows about secret passages throughout the Grand Cathedral. Not long after, Gawaine appears and after some arguing between Madram and the sage, Madram throws ashes into Gawaine's face, blinding him. He then pushes him against the wall, temporarily knocking the sage out while they make their escape down a flight of stairs. After exiting the secret chamber and passage below the prison, they appear in the west block of Valkd.

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