Inside the factory in the city of Guia can be found the entrance to the Guia Mine (ギア鉱山 Gia Kouzan). It is entered by taking a mine cart on a rail in the northeast section of the factory. Once inside, it appears as an average mine but also with a series of rails over huge, pitch black bottomless chasms. Mine carts are used to travel throughout the rails to reach other sections of the mine.

While traveling through the mine, Avin and his group come across Lucias and Elenoa. Lucias is unconscious and injured from an earlier attack. At the end of the mine, they find the plant manager and Rouca who are being held captive and threatened by a Dark Sorcerer. The sorcerer summons monsters to engage the group. The enemies are defeated and the sorcerer fades away. Rouca and the plant manager Kassel are saved as a result and the group returns to the factory.

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