HP (abbreviated for Hit Points) is the recurring resource for each character's health in the Trails gameplay (Party Members, NPC and otherwise). It is paramount for survivability and vitality when receiving damage in combat.


  • Depleted when hit by attacks (by enemy or a confused ally), or per turn during poison, burn or freeze status.
  • Once the HP gauge reaches 0, the character falls into K.O. Status
    • To revive a character, use reviving items, recipes, arts and crafts)
  • The HP Gauge can be increased by 3 things
    • Levelling up (auto-refills HP and EP completely)
    • Enhances the characters durability through combat
    • Equipping HP Quartzes (bonus EHP increase)
  • Recovered using Tear Balm-related consumables, food dishes, sleeping at an inn, recovery stations or levelling up.
  • The AT Bonuses when the character with the HP Bonus (10% or 50%) takes a turn


  • Watch out for enemies that uses HP drainage attacks.
  • In the PS3/VITA games, managing to keep a minimum of HP before HP and then full recovery will earn a trophy.
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