Hector CS2

Hector Rogner version

Developed from
Designed From
Upgraded Into
Manufactured from
Known Captains
Known Crew
Pilot Noble Alliance soldiers
Gerhart Rogner
Wallace Bardias
General Characteristics
Length Height
Average Speed
Armaments Back Orbal Cannons
Ankle Missiles
Shoulder Orbal Cannons
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media

Combat Characteristics

Dark/Tan Green Commando-Theme Knight, unlike the other knights has just a flat square-size helmet with a red visor. It appears more heavily armored compared to other Soldats, having missile attachments on each side of the ankles & on the bulky shoulder pads, plus the top gun cannons on the back connected to a backpack compartment to work the cannons setting over the shoulders.

Variant Characteristics

Different pilots can customize & give a paint-job on the model Soldat to fit their basic style of combat.

**VARIANT COLOR: A Tan-Crimson color version of a Hector, with a yellow visor while not having the attach shoulder cannons. Piloted By Marquis Rogner.

**VARIANT 2nd: A Darker Tan Green color version of a Hector, with a tan red visor while not having the attach shoulder cannons, and also wielding a grapple handle with the top looking like a metallic three-side spear. Piloted By Brigadier General Bardias, used his lance wielding skills


SKILLS: Unlike the Drakkhen & Spiegel, the Hector Unit has in terms of raw power and defense. So it’s given greater strength and power output with a lost for speed, even in hand-to-hand combat. It can charge to hit targets with an emerald punch attack. It’s main weapon is the cannons attach to the back port to allow a powerful charge when being fired. If equipped, it can wield a metallic three-side spear lowered to a handle grappler for close melee combat with the power output & mid-reach thrust & slashes.

-Heavy Charge: Charges up with a red glow around it’s self, then strikes with a heavy punch blow that delivers some heavy impact. (CS II)

-Shoulder Cannons: By postponing it’s self, charges up the double cannons on the back before firing a massive burst shot that delivers a damaging hit on the target. (CS II)


  • The name "Hector" is probably defined in Greek by the legendary Trojan champion who was killed by the Greek Achilles.
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