Hector Reise Arnor I
Kanji ヘクトル・ライゼ・アルノール Ⅰ世
Rōmaji Hekutoru Raize Arunooru Issei
True Name
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Birthplace Erebonian Empire
Death S.417
Affiliation Imperial Royal Family
Occupation Emperor (7th)
Piloted Units Testa-Rossa, the Vermillion Knight
Main Game
Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)
Hector Reise Arnor I was the seventh Erebonian emperor dated back in the 5th Century in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.

Character Profile

Hector I was hailed the next ruler after the previous emperor Astorius II was forced to evacuate the capital with its citizens to Saint-Arkh after it was terrorized by the dreaded Dark-Dragon Zoro-Agruga. He and his army of brave knights marched into the necropolis in an attempt to liberate the capital, but were outmatched by the dragon's spreading influence and its demonic legions.[1]

Still bent on hope, Hector eventually discovered the legendary knight, the Vermillion Testa-Rossa. After recognizing Hector as its master, the emperor moved to Heimdallr once again where the final battle against Zoro-Agruga shook the city. Victory came swift at hand by Hector and the Vermillion Diving Knight, but at a costly sacrifice when the dragon's corrupted blood claimed the emperor's life. Things turned for the worse as the once-called divine knight that wielded a thousand weapons was defiled by the blood, and permanently cursing it as the "Crimson Calamity" since then.


  • The soldat unit, Hector's name was probably based from this reference.


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