Vice-principal heinrich
True Name
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Birthplace Erebonian Empire
Affiliation Thors Military Academy
Occupation Vice Principal
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)

Vice-Principal Heinrich (ハインリッヒ教頭 Heinrihhi Kyotou) is the vice-principal of the Thors Military Academy introduced in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy


A skinny middle-age looking man with brown hair reaching down to the back with a red tie on the back of his hair to look like a ponytail of a noblemen style, his eyes are brown with reading glasses, & has a tiny groom mustache & . He wears a magenta color noble uniform sleeve coat reaching down to his ankles, a tan magenta vest with a white collar shirt beneath it, a violet tuck scarf tie around the neck collar with a jade jewel in the center. Wears brown pants, also wears a darker violet shoulder drape across both shoulders with a thin yellow line attach from the right to the left by a jade jewel sphere that dangles two more similar drapes.


He has a noblemen atmosphere in both his appearance & his personality when speaking with high-regards relating to nobility of society. While he shows himself being more in comfort towards students of Noble Families who take place in society of standing above the common folk, those that are Commoners seem to make him not treat them so regularly like the students of nobility. But if he’s not careful with himself, it’ll get the attention of the other Thor’s Staff in which could get him in trouble for favoring the noble students while disrespecting the common students. However, despite his appearance and behavior, he is a huge fan of Arc en Ciel theater with one of it’s famous dancers: Rixia Mao, but he hits this deepest, darkest secret so that no one knows about it for fear he’ll lose his image.

Character Profile

Instructor File: Heinrich

Field: Vice Principal, Political Economics

Info: A high-strung baron who’s a stickler for rules and complains often, but cares deeply for the academy students.

*Lightweight: He can’t handle his liquor very well. Gets drunk exceptionally easy, and then starts lecturing everyone in sight. CS II

*Arc en Ciel: As a hardcore fan of the Arc en Ciel performer Rixia Mao, he’s very concerned about the future of Crossbell. CS II


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