True Name
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Red-Brown
Birthplace Erebonian Empire
Weapon Orbal Staff
Affiliation Thors Military Academy
Occupation Student
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)

Hibelle (ハイベル Haiberu) is an commoner student of the prestigious Thors Military Academy introduced in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.



He is shown to be knowledgeable yet mature in behavior and knowledgeable. He can assess the situation in both normal and serious cases. Quite honest yet sincere, Hibelle is proven to be dependable towards others to not let them worry, especially his fellow freshman.

Character Profile

Student File: Year 2, Class IV Club: Wind Orchestra

Student Info: The second-year head of the Wind Orchestra. Plays violin. Also skilled with an oral staff.

  • Rescue: With help of Klein and Class VII, he was able to rescue the hostages from an airliner hijacked by jaeger dropouts. CS II
  • Second Try: He wasn’t able to take part in the concert during the summer due to injury, but could take part in one in Celdic. CS II

Story Events:

Trials Of Cold Steel:

Trials Of Cold Steel II: After escaping Thors Academy, Klein & Heibel teamed up to travel the Empire assessing every update on the war, until they came across a hostage situation. Requiring assistance, they contacted the Courageous where Rean and Class VII came to their aid. The situation was about a hijacked airliner hidden around Eisengard Range. The culprits where none other than the Bugbear jaeger-dropouts Class VII apprehended back at Nord.

The two snuck in different directions with Class VII rescue the hostages while Klein and Heibel liberates the main bridge. After restraining the mercenaries, the Thors Students secured the safety of the remaining hostages before setting the airliner in route to Roer Airport, where the culprits are handed over to the RMP and Nortia Provincial Army. Klein and Heibel gave much credit for Class VII for they played only support roles in being modest despite having done plenty. With the mission done, Klein and Heibel decides to regroup with everyone aboard the Courageous.


Being a second-year student at Thors Academy, Hibelle performance serves him as the analyst and strategist during missions. His main weapon is an Orbal Staff which he presumable uses the Detector function to analyze enemies while studying the battlefield. Klein prefers to be the defensive where preparation, coordination and tactics serves as his learning experience. Despite being the studying-type, Heibelle can be very motivated in battle after Trista was invaded by the Noble Alliance, even Rean and Class VII were glad to know someone with such skills was lucky to help them out.


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