Highway of Two Towns
The Highway of Two Towns (二都街道 Nitou Kaito) lies in between Borun and New Borun as well as Torkas Passage. The Boreas Bridge lies in between the highway before the entrance to New Borun. A-Vatars, Flame Blow Cybils and Attacking Birds are monsters encountered on the highway.


Avin and Mile are ambushed on their way to New Borun via the highway by the Syamseal Gang, who shoot them with blowguns. They steal the Kabessa and Mile's Guardian Bell and leave them on the highway. A blue haired swordsman by the name of Douglas comes across them and brings them back to Borun. Later, they use the highway to head to Torkas Cave to find the Syamseal Gang members and retrieve their items. The group returns to Borun and then later departs back on to the highway to New Borun.

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