Horror coaster ao-minigame

Lloyd and Elie on the Horror Coaster

Horror Coaster (ホラーコースター Horaa Koosutaa) is a laser-shooting mini-game introduced in The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki. You can play this mini game in the Michelam Wonderland during the Intermission Chapter. The game can be unlocked in the Extras Menu, after clearing the game once.

Rules to Play

Depending on whom you choose, you receive points that determines you bonding route during the game.

  • No analog controls, as you'll automatically move
  • When the "ghoul" attraction appears, press the corresponding buttons () to shoot them before they fade
  • Keep shooting to form a chain combo. Miss one and its starting all over.
  • Results = (Total Score Accumulated) + (Max Chain Bonus)


  • It is the first laser-shhoting/roller coaster amusement introduced in the modern get of the Trails universe.
  • Get a high score of over 4000 to obtain the Horror Buster achievement/trophy in the game/EVO remake.
  • Its easier to get a perfect score when screening out with the EVO remake on PSVITA.
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