Hotel Rolent is an inn in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky that is located in the City of Rolent. It is an establishment for travelers to come and rest their weary bones for about 200 Mira.


The Bright siblings came to the inn to talk to Verne about the location of where the reporter who asked for the escort mission to Esmelas Tower since the reporter was staying at the hotel with his photographer. Verne directed them towards the Abend Bar to find the reporter.

Later, Estelle, Joshua, and Scherazard come to the inn to find Josette where Verne said that she probably left out of the town in a hurry.


In town, it is located on the north eastern side of town near the Mayor's Residence and it is north of the Rolent Chapel. Many different types of guest stay here from minor NPCs to side characters to the story. The building is 2 floors long with 1 guest room on the bottom floor and 2 guest rooms on the top floor. The NPC, Verne, is the guy to talk to if the player wishes to stay a night at the inn.




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