This House win the Forest (森の一軒家 Mori no ikken'ya) is a small, secluded house lies east of New Borun, within a remote area of the Spirit Forest. It is the home of Archem and her grandfather, Karaba.  They live in such a seclude area because the Supreme Priest Esperius asked Karaba to protect the woods.

Arriving at Archem's house after a confrontation with hunters in the Spirit Forest, Archem's grandfather decides to write a letter to Great Oracle Avarice, asking him to once again ban Meefa hunting. Archem joins the group and they head to Benequia Monastery to meet Avarice. The oracle reads the letter and rips it up, upsetting Archem who nonetheless stays calm. After a few encounters and an incident at New Borun, the group learns Avarice has been receiving kickbacks for the Meefa hunting and is arrested. Sister Ollesia once again has Meefa hunting banned.

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