[[File:|left|22px]]Ice Crown[[File:|right|22px]]
Romanji Hyouou no Enkan
Description A crown with a solemn radiance. Gives limitless power.
Type Accessory
Price N/A
Sell 125,000
Purpose CS2 Equipment
Effect Regenertes 10 CP, Critical Up +50%
Found Locations
Other Glacia Shrine, after defeating Magic Knight - Isra-Zeriel
Exist in Games(s)
Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel II

The Ice Crown (氷皇の円環 Hyouou no Enkan) is one of the super rare accessories obtainable in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II.

Per description where it gives limitless power to its user, it regenerates their CP by 10 and raises their critical status by 50%.


  • Only available after defeating the boss inside the 2nd Playthrough.
  • Its effect is shared by the Phantasmal Mirror characters.
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