The Palace of Durga, also known as the Ice Palace (氷の神殿 Koori no Shinden) by most people, lies north of Koruna. It is over 1000 years old and was found encased in ice. The palace is reached through a short cave. Everything inside from the pillars to the walls are made of ice.


When Avin and the group arrive in Koruna, they hear from the people there that apparently Avin's sister was seen in the palace a few days ago. They travel to the palace and explore it, finding a red book, the Book of Life, in a broken black object on top of the altar.

Later on in the story, Eimelle explains that she heard Durga talk to her when she was at the palace. She received a crystal object which was in fact a sacred treasure called Kuerupo and gives it Avin.
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