Erebonia Imperial Army Logo
The Imperial Army of Erebonia (帝国正規軍 Teikoku Seikigun) is the Erebonian Empire's official army in the Kiseki universe. It is six-times greater that Liberl Kingdom's Royal Army.


Most of the weaponry they own are Reinford Group manufacture-made.

Military Organization


  • Tanks
    • Older Modules
    • Steam Tanks
    • Achtzehn
  • Armoured Cars
  • Airships
    • 150 Arge Class Flight Battleship
    • Reinford High-Speed Cruiser
  • Army-use airships
  • Artillery

Main Forces

  • Known Divisions (20 in total)
    • 1st Armored Division (stationed at Heimdallr)
    • 3rd Armored Division (stationed at Zender Gate)
    • 4th Armored Division
    • 5th Armored Division (stationed at Garrelia Fortress)
    • 7th Armored Division
    • 9th Armored Division
    • 10th Armored Division
    • 11th Armored Division
  • Military Airfleets

Bases of Operations

Notable Soldiers

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