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The Imperial Chronicles (帝国時報) is the Erebonian Empire's national newspaper agency and news service in the Trails Series. It served as the fundamental documentaries in the Cold Steel trilogy. Their main office HQ is located in Vainqueur Street , Heimdallr.


For over a century, the news service was original audience was the middle-class nobility and above, but now read by people of all social statuses. In the present timeline, they remain neutral to spread equal news despite the political conflicts happening around. After the Erebonian Civil War broke out, the Chronicle was forced by the Noble Alliance to write highly biased articles that praising them. But after the war's end, the Chronicle started to headline results praising Chancellor Giliath Osborne and the Reformist Faction.

However, due to their inspection of reported data, the Trista Radio Station has begun to apply pressure on the Imperial Chronicle.

Published Issues

Trails of Cold Steel

Issue Availability Location
1 April 18 Keynes's Bookstore
2 May 22 Keynes's Bookstore
3 June 15 Keynes's Bookstore
4 July 17 Keynes's Bookstore
5 Alterna Bookstore (Plaza Bifrost, Heimdallr)
6 August 21 Keynes's Bookstore
7 August 30 Garrelia Fortress, Center Junction Store
8 Sept. 18 Keynes's Bookstore
9 Boronia's General Goods
10 Oct. 21 Keynes's Bookstore
11 Oct. 30 Keynes's Bookstore

Trails of Cold Steel II

Issue Availability Location
1 Nov. 30 - Dec. 1 General Store - Plover (Ymir)
2 Dec. 1-5 Main Story Event
General Store - Plover (Ymir)
3 Dec. 8-12 Any General Store
4 Dec. 15-21 Any General Store
5 Dec. 22-30 Any General Store
6 Dec. 31 Any General Store
Special Divertissement Examine Computer Terminal in Geofront E
7 March 12 Any General Store
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