Alisa Reinford

Gwyn Reinford

Gwyn is Irina's father and Reinford Group's former chairman, where their relationship became strained after Irina succeeded her father as CEO. Sine then, she became so focused on expanding the company against the moral limits her father regulated. In further pursuit of company growth, she was willing to go behind her father's back and force him to resign. With the company now too enormous for Irina to oversee everything much to Gwyn's disapproval, the father-and-daughter relationship became even distant due to their disagreements over how the company should be run.

Sharon Kreuger

Irina and Sharon CS1
Sharon is the Reinford Family's supermaid to which she is extraordinarily flexible as her master. Multitasking in the most variety of things such as housework, etiquette, executive business skills as Reinford Group's secreatary and punctuality, much oi Alisa's chargin. Irina earned her unwavering loyalty for accepting Sharon as the family maid and giving her a second chance in life, despite Sharon's dark past as an Ouroboros Enforcer. She accepted Sharon due to her extreme competence, and values competence in those she works with.
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