Jan & Rick
Jean and rick
Kanji ジャン&リック
Rōmaji Jyann ando Rikku
Physical Information
Race Dog (Jean)
Desert Rat (Rick)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon Canine Senses
Relatives McBain (owner)
Game Appearances The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean

Jan & Rick (ジャン&リック Jyann ando Rikku) is the dog of McBain. Jan later meets a new friend, a desert rat named Rick in The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean.

Character Description

This aging dog is the fourth main character in Cagesong of the Ocean. Like all dogs, Jan cannot speak or wear equipment, but often proves that he is man's best friend, by giving food to other hungry animals. Later in the game, Jan gets a new friend, when he meets a desert rat named Rick. Jan isn't able to equip weapons or armor, but does a good job in battles anyway.

Fighting Style

Jan's weapon of choice consists of his canine teeth and is able to deal out enough damage to keep up with his human companions. Jan also has access to your first source of healing abilities in the game until Resonance Stones become available. He'll be able to keep your party alive during some hard boss fights early on and with his high SPD stat he'll act sooner than his human allies. Rick doesn't fight at all and merely accompanies the party by journeying atop Jan's head. Interestingly, Rick joining Jan changes Jan's internal data in the game to a separate party member, hence the name change to Jan & Rick. This isn't merely a cosmetic change as Jan & Rick are considered a different "character" from Jan, and the two together level up separately from Jan by himself. This is evident in the Tuning Fork shrines when the option to add any character to the party is available; Jan and Jan & Rick are separate choices. Despite the fact Jan cannot equip weapons and armor or use magic via the Resonance Stones, he is still a valuable party member throughout the game and can be relied on as a consistent ally since the rest of the cast drops in and out of the team as the story dictates. Jan does suffer from less defense due to lack of equipment and he can lose his HP easily against stronger enemies, but his Wild Intuition skill can help him evade damage.

Special Spells

Spell Description MP Cost
Pero Cure Heals a small amount of damage for a single character. 4
Peropero Cure Heals a moderate amount of damage for a single character. 8
Perorin Cure Heals a large amount of damage for a single character. 16


Skill Description
Hunt Item Hunting for enemy items.
Roar A roar that makes even monsters scared.
Wild Intuition A wild intuition helps dodge enemy attacks.

Finishing Moves

Move Description
Charge Dog A dog technique consisting of hurling oneself at the enemy.
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