The Jester Jaeger Corps‏‎ (ジェスター猟兵団 Jesutaa Ryouhei dan) is a jaeger corps organization introduced in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.


This Jaeger Corp focused their activities around the states within the Erebonian Empire, with one of their major involvements being the Imperial BG Branches Attack Spree‏‎ incident. The corps were completely abolished by the cooperative counterstrikes of Cassius Bright, the Bracer Guilds and the Imperial Army. The remaining members were scattered with some recruited by Campanella to join Ouroboros's army.


  • Lorence Belgar was the only confirmed member, although revealed to be a false identity.
  • In the Ring of Judgement side-story manga, its revealed a few remnants survived the group's destruction.
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