Trails in the Sky SC


Description CP Cost Level
Chains 1, 2 + 3 Area (S (1)> M (2)>L (3))
Cooperation attacks with your party member(s). Attack levels to max from your party members
Taunt Support, Area (M)

Temporarily focuses enemy attention on self. [Rage]

True Dual Strike Attack, Single

Enhanced Dual Strike. 2nd attack cuts open space. [2-Hit]

True Flicker Attack, Line

Enhanced Flicker. [Penatrate, AT Delay]

True Cloak&Dagger Attack, Single

A clean strike aimed at a foe's weak spot. [K.O. 20%]

Evil Eye EX Attack, Area (M)

Extra-penetrating glare. Scares foes senseless. [AT Delay]

S-Craft Description CP Cost Level
True Sever Attack, Single

Sever enhanced with greater destructive force.

True Black Fang Attack, Area (All)

Polished Black Fang. Brings even the biggest foes to heel.

Phantom Raid Attack, Area (All)

Stealth technique using high speeds to create duplicates.

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