Juna Crawford's variable status between close and middle range makes her the adjustable fighter in Cold Steel 3. She uses the Gunbreaker Tonfas as her weapon of choice, due to her high admiration of joining the police force and the Special Support Section.

  • Gunbreaker Modes: A battle-mode switch system exclusive only to Juna Crawford. It allows her to switch between modes on her tonfas during battle. Striker Mode for close-range attacks on single targets, and Gunner Mode for mid-ranged shooting on multiple targets. Juna's status differ between the modes, hence each mode requires a different advantage at the right enemy.

Crafts & S-Crafts

Juna's Crafts were developed from her training in the Police Academy while some are learnt from studying her hero, Lloyd Bannings.

Name Description CP Cost Level
Cross Break
Wraps Tonfas with electricity to unleash a shockwave
Gemini Blast
Rapidly fires bullets at a group of enemies.
Brave Smash
Focuses fighting spirit and assaulting in a straight line.
S-Craft Description Level
Excel Breaker
Delivers strong hard blows with the tonfas, finishing off with a strong laser beam.
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