Kanaphia (カナピア Kanapia) is a town located on a small island at the south tip of the western continent. The town is small, with few houses, and it is almost always raining. To the south of the town is a path that leads to a cemetary, below of which lies the Zar Shrine. Kanaphia was once home to Dominique, the previous Daughter of Durga as well as Madram. It is where they went into hiding once it was discovered by Octum's Apostles that Dominique was Durga's Daughter at the time.

Avin and the group arrives at Kanaphia and decides they want to see the shrine, but realize they don't know who the guardian is. Gawaine assures them that he knows and tells them to visit the elder's house in the town. Once there, they learn the story of Madram and how he was born with Dominique on the island. Shortly after, Madram had left to train with Gawaine as a Paladin and Dominique with Ollesia as a Sister. A short time later, Dominique received a vision of Durga like Eimelle and it was revealed she was Durga's Daughter. As a result, the church sent them back to Kanaphia to protect them from Octum's Apostles. They were eventually tracked down and Madram requests assistance from the church but the church did not arrive in time and Dominique was murdered. The Abbot of Brizahc, Oracle Avarice, did not like the church and as a result were the reason for the church responding too late. Because of this, Gawaine blamed himself and Madram disappeared. After learning this, the group decides to travel to Dominique's grave in the cemetary south of the town.

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