Kestrel CS2

Kestrel mass produce

Developed from
Designed From
Upgraded Into
Manufactured from
Known Captains
Known Crew
Pilot Noble Alliance soldiers
General Characteristics
Length Height
Average Speed
Armaments Knight Temple Sword
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media

Combat Characteristics

Dark Magenta Gallant-Theme Knight, to which unlike previous knights, this one is roughly model to appear somewhat more slender then being muscular. Off the backside are straight pattern wind edges with two rocket engines underneath the two jet pads. From the helmet is different, as the face mask is silver with an emerald color visor, there is also a model style headphone gear. Wields a dark-grey separate sword-whip for long-range distant attacks.

Variant Characteristics

VARIANT COLOR: A Dark-Purple & Silver style color version of Kestrel with a ocean blue color visor, & wielding a thin-sword with two edge points.


SKILLS: The Kestrel Soldat was designed for pure speed, even faster than a Divine Knight even if being a copy. So unless an opponent can keep up with it’s speed, they won’t be able to land an easy attack. Plus the jets on the back give it the capable to soar in the air. It’s strength seems to revolve around being mobile & outmaneuvering targets. Wielding a templar blade that extends into a blade-whip, & performing an bursting flame result on contact with the target before reassembling it.

Weakness: It pushing the Soldat for too much use for speed would put a huge strain on it’s Orbal engine. Thereby causing the engine to blow up, & taking the whole Soldat with it. When wielding just a thin-sword, one just dashes up to deliver a strike.

-Fire Slash: Positions the sword in the right hand by the left side, then swings it across in extending the separating blade to create a burning slash attack. Performed by Scarlet. Noted: Scarlet used this move once before, but mentioned if she had a Templar Blade she uses, the battle would be different from last piloting a Spiegel (CS II)

-Dark Fencer: When the sword is reared back with a gathering dark violet/pink glow, then thrusting it forward in extending the separating blade to pierce the target with dark violet/pink flaming strike wave motion before reconnecting the sword-whip. Performed by Scarlet. Noted: This maybe an improved move version of Dark Thrust she used when piloting a Spiegel without having her Templar Sword made in time. (CS II)

-Quick Slash: Charges the body with a violet color aura, sword held across the left side, before twirling upwards to deliver a downward vertical slash on the target. Performed by different pilot. (CS II)


  • The name "Kestrel" means a small falcon that hovers with rapidly beating wings while searching for prey on the ground.
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