Kirsche Bar is the cheaper, more affordable restaurant in the City of Bose. It contains food that the player can actually purchase unlike the Anterose Restaurant. It also holds more of the folk who aren't rich enough to actually buy their own expensive meals.


The bar is located on the western side of the northern block of the City of Bose. It is close to the Friedan Hotel and the Bose International Port. The bar itself contains an upper floor and a lower floor connected by stairs with the cashier and owner at the first floor with some extra tables on the upper floors.

NPC List

Permanent NPCs

  • Platina - the waitress at the shop who always complains about her boss's decisions with advertising the bar for people to come in rather than the Anterose.
  • Lyndon - a scholar who specializes in researching in living beings of the past. He is in Bose to look for dragons as Bose is the last place where dragons were spotted.
  • Warner - the boss of the restaurant and he always tries to get people to come in by saying that the food is cheap.

Temporary NPCs

  • Cornelius - he was the original owner of the Lucir Orbal Factory until a hostile takeover by his partner.
  • Simon - Mirano's male assistant. He is always trying to help out Mirano due to her importance in the market.


Meal Effect Price
Mouthful Soup Heals 300+HP/Cures Mute 350 Mira
Red Tail Soup Heals 250+HP/Cures Seal 350 Mira
Cheese Risotto Heals 250+HP/Cures KO All (Sitdown) 300 Mira
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