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Klose is one of the better magical users in the game due to her higher ATS and EP. The fact that her Orbment's use of only 1 line allows higher level arts. Otherwise, her attack strength is extremely low making her a sub-par physical attacker. Her rapiers have no range bonus either. Kaempfer is very useful as an offensive tool to lower the target's defense in order to inflict higher damage as well as an effective defensive tool to lower the target's capability for high damage.

In SC and The 3rd, Kloe has learned the S-craft Sanctus Nova: a powerful spell that deal damages in a very large range to the targeted enemies.

Her Orbment is useful in that it only utilizes one line using all 6 slots. However her orbment is restricted by having three slots requiring Water Quartz only. This delegates her the role of a healer by default although Blue Impact is one of the best single target orbal arts in FC.

In SC, Klose is often the highest damaging arts user, due to the gender-specific gears. Along with the introduction of more damaging water element arts such as Blue Ascension, Klose won't ever be out of a job regardless of whether she is healing, supporting or pumping out high level water arts.

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