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This page is comprised of Kloe's relationships with other characters in the Kiseki universe.


Estelle Bright

Kloe first meets Estelle when she mistakes Estelle for an intruder at Mercia Orphange. After asking Estelle and Joshua to participate in their school play, they become best friends. Kloe is aware of Estelle's secret feelings for Joshua, but holds back from mentioning them because of Estelle's denseness. She is later rescued by Estelle during the Queen's Birthday Celebration and helps her take down Alan Richard.

In SC, Kloe is one of the characters who help Estelle retrieve Joshua.

Joshua Bright

Kloe secretly harbors feelings for Joshua during their adventures, but holds back due to his relations with Estelle.

Tita Russell

Zane Vathek

Agate Crosner

Kloe and Agate first meet when Clem runs off to confront the Ravens for burning their orphanage. She acts respectful towards him, and becomes later grateful for his help in retrieving the stolen money from Gilbert Stein.

Julia Schwarz

Cassius Bright


Jill Ridonor

Lechter Arundel

Lechter was the student council president during the time Kloe enrolled into Jenis.


Alicia von Auslese

Kloe is the granddaughter of the current queen of Grancel. Their relationship is doting, as Alicia stays close to support her and her firends as her only biological guardian.

Dunan von Auslese

Kloe is Dunan's neice. She is aware of her uncle's many downfalls, but tries to tolerate them.

Mr. and Mrs. von Auslese

Kloe's father and mother were killed during the Hundred Days War.


Mercia Orphanage

Matron Theresa and her husband took care of Kloe during the Hundred Days War. Under their care, Kloe discovered what it was truly like to have a family. After the death of Theresa's husband, Kloe visits the orphans during her free time and becomes their part-time caretaker.

Olivier Lenheim

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