Koruna (コルナ Koruna) is a winter town found in the northern-most reaches of the eastern continent. The town is always remains very cold and is divided into two sections, with a river running in between. Most people in town use dogsleds to get around. Koruna contains a great deal of literature and places associated with Durga. To the north of the Koruna lies the Ice Palace, the Palace of Durga.

The Book of Life is brought back to the chapel in Koruna for Rael to translate. Although he is unable to translate the words, he suggests visiting a woman named Elenoa at the Sorcery School to help decipher it.

When the heroes return from the Sorcery School, they find Rael has gone mad trying to learn from the book and reveals that is in fact the Book of Life. Borgeid makes his appearance, kills Rael and takes the book. Once he departs, Fatima appears and mentions there is trouble in Guia.

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